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Certificate of Inspection.

You require a valid safety Certificate of Inspection (COI) to register an acquired vehicle for the first time in Manitoba through Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation.

A Certificate of Inspection confirms that, at the time of inspection, the vehicle met the basic standards for operation in Manitoba, which are set out in the Vehicle Inspection Handbook.

When do you need a Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspection Certificate of Inspection.

A Certificate of Inspection is required:

  • – When ownership of a vehicle is transferred.
  • – When bringing any vehicle into Manitoba. This includes vehicles owned by individuals moving into Manitoba for residency.
  • – A vehicle you purchase must have a valid Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspection Certificate of Inspection to be registered for insurance with Manitoba Public Insurance.
  • – The onus is on the Purchaser of the vehicle to provide the COI form.
  • – Most used vehicles for sale will have had the Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspection completed and COI form provided.
  • – A vehicle can be sold without the COI form, but usually will command a higher selling price if the Vehicle Safety Inspection and any required repairs have been completed.
  • – The Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspection COI form is valid for 1 year from the date the vehicle was deemed to pass the inspections and the COI form was completed.

The Province of Manitoba has revised the Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspection program as of March 1st 2019 under the Traffic and Transportation Act (TTMA) and will now be Vehicle Equipment, Safety and Inspection regulation.

On March 1st 2019 the Province of Manitoba Vehicle Equipment, Safety Regulation issued new guidelines for vehicle inspections and new Certificate of Inspections.

The cost of Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspections are paid by the individual requesting to have a light vehicle inspected either selling or purchasing a used vehicle prior to registering with MPIC.

Vehicle Safety Inspections pricing will vary on the time it takes to complete the inspection. Most light vehicles under 4500kg GVWR take between an hour to one & a half hours to complete. Some vehicles may take slightly longer due to condition required to disassemble brakes to properly inspect.

Valley 1-Stop Auto Service

Is an approved Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspection Station for any Car, SUV or Light Truck under 4500kg GVWR.

The approved Inspection Technicians at Valley 1-Stop Auto Service will inspect the vehicle for the following items and there respected sub components:

  • – Vehicle Identification Number.
  • – Neutral safety switch.
  • – Accelerator pedal, brake and clutch pedals.
  • – Sun visors.
  • – Horn operation.
  • – Mirrors.
  • – Windshield wipers and washers.
  • – Defroster and HVAC system.
  • – Speedometer, odometer.
  • – Windshield and windows.
  • – Interior control switches.
  • – Instrument panel lamps.
  • – Parking brake.
  • – Power brake operation, brake failure indicators.
  • – Steering lash and travel.
  • – Interior lamps, seats and seat belts.
  • – Headlamp operation and aim alignment.
  • – Exterior illumination and directional control lamps.
  • – Vehicle body, doors, bumpers and underside flooring and frame.
  • – Tires, wheels, road clearance.
  • – Steering , suspension, exhaust, fuel systems.
  • – Brake systems and components.
  • – Hood safety catch, battery, wiring, brake master cylinder and power steering.

If a vehicle fails the inspection, the failed items will be discussed with customer and the customer can repair himself, at another facility or the expert technicians at Valley 1-Stop Auto Service can complete the repairs for you.

The Manitoba Vehicle Equipment, Safety and Inspection regulations require 30 days from initial inspection for repairs to be completed and failed items re-inspected before the completed Certificate of Inspection form can be issued.