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Having your Car, SUV or Truck suspension system checked regularly by the technicians at Valley 1-Stop Auto Service is important for your safety and safety of others while driving and to prevent more costly repairs to your vehicle if any suspension systems wear or fail.

Valley 1-Stop Auto Service will make your suspension system a top priority and will diagnose, estimate and repair your suspension to OEM Manufactures specifications using only parts that meet or exceeds OEM Manufactures specs.

Your vehicles suspension system is vital in keeping your car in control over varying road conditions. Specifically, the suspension system maximizes the friction between the tires and the road to provide steering stability and good handling. The suspension system also provides comfort for the driver and passengers by limiting the impact of irregular road conditions.

Your vehicles suspension system must be kept in good condition. Worn suspension components may reduce the stability of the vehicle and reduce driver control.

The Suspension Struts and Shock Absorbers are vital to maintain good ride and safe control as they:

  • – Control spring and suspension movement.
  • – Provide consistent handling and braking.
  • – Prevent premature tire wear.
  • – Help keep the tires in contact with the road on irregular road conditions.
  • – Maintain dynamic wheel alignment.
  • – Control vehicle bounce, roll, sway and oscillation.
  • – Reduce wear on other vehicle systems.
  • – Promote even and balance tire and brake wear.

Most common suspension systems utilized in newer vehicles are Independent Suspension style utilizing:

  • – MacPherson Strut style.
  • – Long and Short Control Arm Double Wishbone style.
  • – Multi-Link style.
  • – Computerized Air Suspension systems

It is still common to see many Light Trucks still using Leaf Spring style rear suspension systems but many are switching to full Air Suspension systems in the rear.

The professionals at Valley 1-Stop Auto service will inspect Car, SUV or Light Truck's suspension components and provide you with and estimate of the worn suspension components that require immediate repair and also inform you of suspension components the are starting to show wear and advise of future inspections to determine if these items will require replacement in the future.

Only the worn, unsafe suspension items will be suggested to the customer for immediate repair.

You and your family's safety is our greatest concern.

Our thorough inspections will include checks on:

  • – Coil Springs.
  • – Struts and Shock Absorbers.
  • – Strut Mounts and Isolators.
  • – Ball Joints.
  • – Control Arms, Longitudinal Links and Bushings.
  • – Sway Bar, Mounts and Sway Bar Control Links.
  • – Steering Linkage Tie-Rods.
  • – Pitman and Idler Arms.
  • – Torsion Bar, Leaf Springs and Components.
  • – Wheel Bearings for play and noise.
  • – Tire and Wheel Conditions.
  • – Axle drive components.
  • – Ride Height and Road Clearance.

You can put you trust in our experts at Valley 1-Stop Auto Service to correctly diagnose your vehicles suspension issues and repair using only OEM Manufacturers approved methods.

Our repairs are fully covered under our Quality Assurance Program Parts and Labour Warranty.

Commitment to Excellence!